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ΝΕFELI meets's up!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

NEFELI is starting the journey by meeting in Coventry.

Press release

The first (1) transnational meeting was held on 6 and 7 December in Coventry, United Kingdom under the program "Supporting and Empowering Women's Autonomy through Vocational Education" with the acronym NEFELI. The aim of the program is to exchange technology-based learning and non-formal learning techniques that are formulated and / or developed by its partners for the purpose of creating a network of adults active in enhancing and supporting women's autonomy, professional and business autonomy as well as raising public awareness of these issues.

In the context of the first (1) transnational meetings, all partner organizations were involved with two of their key members, while the main themes of the agenda were: -Presentations of the profile, experience and innovation of each partner organization -A detailed presentation of the program, including the purpose, the individual objectives, the expected results and the profile of the participants -A detailed presentation of the program schedule - Planning the short-term follow-up activities and actions of the project partners to achieve the objectives of the program  establishing common methods and approaches to prepare participants - The finalization of committees and representatives from each partner organization (Monitor Mechanism, Sustainability, Dissemination, Evaluation) -Designing the methodology to be followed for the research work to be submitted -Detailed presentation of the partner organizations' obligations and the ways they should work for the strategic risk management of the project -The management needs and rules of Erasmus + programs -The ways of coordination and communication between partner organizations

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